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Originally Posted by Bgunn View Post
Doug from California will be firing one up shortly.

Be sure to post the link here so we can check it out. I take it your dad, brother and you were all on the ride?

And who's flat was that? I bet it belonged to a Gunn, they always do.

Originally Posted by moto-treks View Post
Are you saying I should keep my day job?

I could spend an hour or two with that DV map
Yes, you most certainly should keep your day job. You haven't bought your DV map yet? When I get done with my highlighters my map is going to be so pretty.

Originally Posted by Bgunn View Post
Looks like you were on the nice list after all.

Won't ask what Santa was wearing.

That may be on a "need to know" basis
Of course I was on the nice list, I'm always nice, just sometimes nicer than others.

Originally Posted by WU7X View Post
I'll be picking up Benchmark maps for California and Oregon for a trip next June. Unfortunately, it will be in the cage, but should still be a good time. First a wedding in San Jose, then B&Bs or camping through Yosemite, Mt. Shasta, Marin County (wine for SWMBO), Crater Lake, and some coastal driving thrown in for good measure. Forgot the red woods too. Do this with the wifey pooh, then she'll let me go out and play on the bike.
That sounds like a fun road trip but it would be one heck of a lot more fun on a motorcycle.

Originally Posted by DiamondLie View Post
Personally, I find the Butler maps superior when on the bike.
Superior to the Benchmark? I haven't studied the butler maps much but Benchmark seems to have more detail compared to the ones I have looked at. The downside of Benchmark is they are a bit cumbersome to carry. I found the perfect solution for mine, I keep it in the overlarge tool tube I have on the bike. It keeps the benchmark dry and clean plus it's easy to get to. The nice thing about Butler is they are tougher than regular state maps and do have some useful detail on them.
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