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Around 1 a.m. for me and Giorgia is enough and so we come back to the hotel: tomorrow I’ve the fly back to Italy and she fly to Bangkok. We are speaking in the room, when suddendly my blood ran cold...

worst than Dart Feneran an english voice, with a clear french accent say “ Ohh you can’t leave italian tourists alone that immediatly they begin to speak in italian ! “
What a f... !!! What kind of language should we use ? Japanese ? I tried to be polite and I answer “You know, sometimes happens that two italian tourists speak in italian”. Ok if now she take out her camera I’ll strangle. Giorgia was explainig her situation at the university of Bangkok, when the french girl asks how old she is. Giorgia asks “ How old do you think I could be ?” 22 for the french girl, 25 for me. I’m right.
Inevitably comes my turn: “ Maurizio, how hold are you ?” ok 25 years ago was an easy answer, today is a little bit embarrassing, but in this situation truth is the best way. “I was born in the 1962” is my answer. Giorgia is surprised she thought me “younger”. From the bed the french girl asks to us” How hold do you think I could be ?” 28 answer Giorgia. I think for some seconds: is my chance of revenge and I reflect on the french girl and on her manners: “ 35 !” She’s shoked ! How do you can say this ?-says the french girl- everybody normally thinks around 28/29” Do you know ‘ She’s 34. Now she asks to me why I had say 34.
Your hands miss- is my answer- after the 30 the hands of womans begin to get some wrinkle ( now I can push a little bit the knife in the wound), as you can notice there aren’t wrinkles on the hands of Giorgia
She says that this is a non sense, but doesn’t matter: Momi vs french tourist 1-0. I understand that Giorgia would like to give me a five, but the triumph is enough and we turn off the light leaving the french girl to think to her hands.

Wednesday 13th of June
I woke up very early to go to the airport. I had the chance to greet Giorgia before the boarding. I’m coming back to Italy, but forget Vietnam will be impossible: always in my heart.

Sorry, but my job in this period of the year don’t allow me a lot of free time and so it took a very long time to translate my Vietnam report. Sorry for my grammar, but I hope you understood almost everything.

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