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KTM 640 Adv '05 - High Front Fender !!!

Hi All

Did try and search the Index, could not find exactly what I need !!! (Maybe I am not good at Indexes - sorry if this is a repost of an already covered topic !!)

Could anyone of you tell me what needs to be done to put the high fender on a 2005 640 ADV alla Flanny's adv !!!

What can be done about the brake line going to the second brake callipper, when one removes the low fender. (I see Flanny's has a single front disc ??? - I am a newbee !!)

Which high fender should one buy, as I doubt KTM sells a 640 ADV one (Metallic Orange)

Does the standard general fork protectors fit on the ADV or do I need a special order again.

Thanks people !!


PS - I prefer Ideas that will not rock my pocket too much, very much in line with Creeper's 2005 ADV performance tweeks !! (I know I am picky )
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