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You have me worried about the rainy part though. I'm now all focused and pumped about leaving June 1st for 4mos. That puts me dead in the middle of the rainy season for Central America, but within the recommended timeframe for north central South America (i.e. Peru, Bolivia). I was roughly thinking 3 weeks through Central into South, 6 - 7 weeks in South and 6 - 7 weeks to get back home. Thoughts???

PS... For what it is worth, I've spent time in Guatemala, Belize, and Panama. Also, since mi esposa es Colombiana I've spent some time there as well. In fact, we'll be in Cartagena in February for my sister-in-law's wedding and plan to head over to Panama (San Blas) aboard a friend's boat. That being said, I plan to spend the least amount of time exploring these countries. Although advice is MUCH appreciated, I would love some tips/pointers on the other countries in Central and South America.
plenty have travel during that time too, just plan on getting wet & it will be very hot & humid on the coasts. the mountains are cooler. it's well know that the CA dry season is in the winter and the temps are milder. that's just the way it is in a general sense. in SA things change. i've travel mexico, guatemala & costa rica so that's what i know.
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