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So! From an initial view of the X-ray on Thursday, it appears that the bone is healing! A line of bright white appears where there was a slight gap before. I go in for a viewing on a larger screen on Monday, just so we can look it over and make sure we didn't miss anything (also because I am sure he wants to get another visit out of me, but whatever).

For me, this is great news! I didn't think it would go otherwise, I tend to be pretty resilient, but you just never know. If after a month it had not been knitting together, I would have had to go see a Real Doctor for hardware installation and/or whatever else they wanted and that would have been $$$. As it is, I've gotten off relatively cheap so far.

I will do some replies today but I think I will avoid furthering the healthcare debate until I get to that point in the story. I need to get my butt in gear and do the death valley entries too.

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