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Broken Header Pipe - Only 6K miles

'09 DR650 just turned 6K miles today and about 20 miles from home exhaust got a little bit louder. About 10 miles got a whole lot louder. Figured it was a crack somewhere on the head pipe as that where the sound was coming from.

Thought about stopping and worried a little about doing engine damage but had no other way to get home so babied it the last 10 miles.

WTF! The head pipe is broken clean off at the flange where it bolts up and there is about 1/2" gap 360 degrees, actually looks like someone cut it off with a rough blade hacksaw.

Is this a common occurence?

Only motor mods are opened up breather box with DT-1 air filter, Pro-Cycle jet kit, and GSXR1000 muffler with Kientech mid-pipe on OEM header.

Anyone have a spare oem header or is there a better option.
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