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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...My buddy whose bike that is in the picture (burned out F650GS) just got the police report after a few months and the insurance authorized the payout to him! Yippeee! Not really, at least not yet. Before they will cut him a check, he has to de-register the bike here and that means he merely has to fill out some forms and hand over the plate.

That would be the plate that melted in the fire.

That would be the plate that who the fck knows where it is and whether it might have fallen off the salvage truck, been forgotten in the impound yard, etc...

He is also just getting over two separate bouts of dengue fever, the second of which damn near took him out for good.
If it wasn't for bad luck...

Now, back to the thread.
That's crazy.
Can he not get a new plate from the DMV. Saying the other was destroyed, or lost. Then turn in the new plate..
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Originally Posted by POLLOCK28 (
From what I understand from frequenting various forums you are handling this critisim completely wrong. You are supposed to get bent out of shape and start turning towards personal attacks. Get with the program!
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