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Originally Posted by DesertTortoise View Post
Looking to move up to a big BMW GS. Currently have a 09 KLR 650 and a 1995 Sportster 1200. Looking to sell both of these and replace with the BMW.

Is this is a decent price for a 2008 Adventure with 103k on the clock? Any fears about that high mileage?
Dealer is reputable and has passed their technical inspection.


Just started looking. I'm looking to spend between $8-$9k on a 1150 or 1200 GS or GS adventure.
Remember...this is the DEALER who's trying to SELL you the bike.

Had you said "A friend of mine who has the same bike and many years of experience in maintaining them...looked at the bike and all of the SERVICE receipts and says this looks like an EXCELLENT/GREAT/GOOD/FAIR bike"...I'd be more impressed.

Take some some's YOUR MONEY.

Here...go to (searches all the Craigslists in the country) and SEARCH for "R1200GS".
Set the distance to 3,500 miles and EVERY GS in the country will show up.

Do an Excel spreadsheet:

Sort data by YEAR...

NOW you'll intelligently KNOW what the value of various YEAR GS's are worth.
When you find ONE that looks interesting...ask the SELLER about maintenance...WHO did it?...GOT receipts for it? Damage?

Good luck with the hunt. I found BOTH my GS and RT on CL.
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