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Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post
You’re a Technician.
Then I’ll need to make my case in much, simpler terms.
It is like driving a truck without a steering wheel trying to make adjustments to something that cannot be accurately measured. You are just ambling along swerving from one ditch to the other. Knowing more precisely where you are allows you to position your truck where you want it to be in the lane.
Why would ANYBODY, let alone a technician, go to the trouble to measure sag? To even get close you need an assistant. It just struck me like a bolt of lightning, more Technicians need, job security.
All you need is the bike on a stand and a metal ruler to measure spring length and the measurement will be spot on.

Funny you mention a truck with "suggestive" steering my 93 ram W250 handles just as you describe and it has one of them new fangled steering wheels

As far as sag vs shock spring measurement all I can say is this if you want to account for the ratio of the suspension measure sag, if you don't want to account for the suspension ratio measure the shock spring.

What was the mercury girls number again... I could use her "assistance" in measuring some "sag"
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