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Given your time frame, unless you have about a full week of free time dedicated to do a rebuild I would suggest the "split the rails" method. I know several technicians who have done this method with much success and have had bikes run at least 20k+ with no signs of failure. I would imagine if they will go that far they should last without a problem.

In regards to splitting the case method and why it takes so long: It's not the motor rebuild... its getting the motor separated. You do not drop the motor on this bike... You disassemble the entire bike from the motor... in sections, and without the frame jig its a REALLY big project. figure minimum 10-12 hours apart and 10-12 hours assembly thats 20-24 hours just to swap a motor provided everything goes smoothly. All said and done I had 40+ hours in mine due to a severe near untraceable oil leak in the clutch area (but I can now do a clutch swap on my bike in about 5

When I did mine, I split the case largely due to my bike having 132k on it at the time I did it. As it's a bike I intend on riding for a long time to come, I wanted to be sure of the condition of the entire motor. I'm pleased to say even at 132K miles everything measured well within spec range. Although I did discover the timing chain tensioner rail was shot, which I never would have known without having removed the timing chain cover to do the motor tear down.

In summary, unless you just want a huge project or you have really high mileage on your bike and want to KNOW everything is right in the motor, and especially considering your time constraints... split the rails

On a side note if you do decide to split the case MAKE SURE all the necessary parts are available IN THE USA! the engine gasket kit when I did mine was not available in the states, and took almost a month to get Rush delivered from germany.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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