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Thanks guys. With my last 3 bikes its been the same wind screen story - at least 3 before I find the one that suits me and my girlfriend. On the RT a Cee Baily's +1 H / +2 W was money.

I put an AF330 on this weekend. For me its a good screen - the adjustability was great for off road and the height is adequate to get good protection on the highway. The one thing that I found strange, and it may be due to the velocity of air flowing under the moving portion of the screen (and the fact that when fully up its nearly vertical and plowing through the air) is that above 75 mph I start to get buffeting no matter how I adjust it. I can drop it all the way down and get clean air to fix the problem, but when its 35F and raining, the clean air can be a bummer.

The second observation came from the pillion. We could not find a setting that gave her clean air without some buffeting. Tilting back towards me made it much worse and again, dropping it was the best in terms of noise/buffeting. I'd say that its as good as the Aeroflow (sport fairing, tall size) for me, not as good for the pillion.

So far she has preferred the Wunderlich Ergo with a Wunderlich clip-on wind deflector...

I'm going to keep playing with the adjustments and see if we can find a good all-around compromise. Thanks again for the input folks.
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