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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
I was thinking of this setup with a long travel rear and sliding the forks down in the clamps by approx 20mm to use a flat bottom clamp. On page 1 a pic shows a spacer under the top clamp to pack it up as the BMW steering tube is shorter than the DRZ one. Without this spacer, the forks tubes could be slid down. I hope that makes sense !
Using the flat tripple would make the bike higher.
Dmaster made a new stem. And isn't using a spacer under the top triple.(correct me if i'm wrong mate)
If you would use a flat bottom triple clamp and would fully compress the fork untill the sliders touch the clamp.
Than there is about 1" of space between the tire and the clamp. This 1" is extra height at the front that can not be used for wheel travel. For the handling of the bike you need to lift the rear end. You could give the rear less sag but that way you will loose traction and comfort.
Keeping the bike high for ground clearance is nice but the lower bikes handle much better than the high ones with technical riding. ( not talking about fast or straight tracks)

With this mod the bike can still be low at the front with a lot more travel than original. And some real damping !!!!!
The damping of the drz fork can be tuned to the needs of the airheads and still use soft springs without the bike bottoming out all the time or dive to the max with hard braking.

The long travel rear does cost a lot for a few cm's extra wheel travel.
With the drz fork mod u can gain a lot of travel and controle but still use the stock swing arm.
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