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Well, Noah, this is awesome! I can only imagine the experience. I'm loving the pics of the places, the people, the imagination runs wild. So many places/experiences I wouldn't want to leave behind, and yet so many I'd want to hurry up and get to.

I will say, though, some of my favorite pics so far are some of the crazy road signs... the car driving off the cliff into the ocean in Scottland... the car driving into the tree in Germany (?)... the child with the giant lolipop in Poland. Serious signs, but with sense of humor it seems to me.

Here's my small world story. C-zulu turned me onto this thread quite a while back (prior to the bike theft) - though I haven't been able to catch up until today. He told me there was a friend from Tofte taking this trip around the world. So as I was reading through the thread, I noticed people mention your parents & Cobblestone Cabins. In the back of my mind that got me to thinking about a past neighbor whose daughter ran the place. Eventually I came to this post:
Originally Posted by RoninMoto View Post
June 23 Mille Lacs MN to Tofte MN. 236 miles/ 379 km
With all the rain in the past few days and flooding in Duluth we went north to Eveleth MN to see my grand parrents. The Mississippi was swelling up pretty bad and many of the roads we tried to ride were closed. It took about an hour longer to Eveleth then we had orriginally planned because of all the zig-zagging. We took back roads to the North shore. It is good to be back in fimiliar terratory!

My Gramps is coming round the world with me!

Uncle, Aunt, grams and gramps.
That's when I finally made the connection. My wife and I rented the house next door to your grandparents for a year or so, back in '05-'06'. It was nice to see a picture of them now. I had a some nice conversations with your gramps, and from the cobwebs I seem to remember him telling me about his engineer grandson about the same age as me. Now I know who he was talking'll be nice to actually meet you sometime when you're back home.

Anyway, have a great winter, and I'll be tagging along watching you see the world. Good travels.
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