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OK, I'll give it a shot. The Cross Roads feels lighter and comes off it's side stand easier. Since the bike sits lower it's easier for you and your passenger to mount. Once on board the CR the seating position for you and your passenger is leaned back. There are large floor boards for you to move around on and smaller ones for you passenger. The GTL seating position is upright for you and your passenger. You're locked in. My wife found the seating positions on both comfortable. When riding with my wife on the CR I don't even know she's there. There is plenty of space between us
and she is seated low. On the GTL there was plenty of space but she sits higher and I could feel it. I knew she was back there when we were riding. Storage on both bikes is good. I think the fit and finish was better on the CR.
On the road the bikes are very different. The CR is a relaxed ride while the GTL is like a sport bike. I know, no surprise there. What did surprise me was that two up I preferred the handling of the CR. You will need the air pump to set preload Victory should include this but they don't..The motor on the CR is smooth, powerful and relaxing. On hot days you will notice some heat, not uncomfortable but it's there.
The GTL motor is incredible,feels like it's for a sport bike. Didn't feel much heat from the motor,the suspension is more refined,better brakes and it has more gizmos.A good choice for a solo sport touring bike,just didn't work for us two up. If you could rent each one for a day that would be best. That's how I looked at the rental. One long test ride.
Hope this helps
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