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Thank you very much for answering my questions in detail. Much appreciated.

Originally Posted by teizms View Post
Q: Frogg Toggs (recommended model and feedback):
I bought two sets (for me and the wife) for $39 each from Academy in March 2011. Been through multiple 8-hour storms plus months of rugged non-stop use during several trips. Both suit are still in top-condition and never failed us.

I think they were on sale when bough them but I am sure you can pick up a complete suit for under $50. If I remember correctly they are the Pro Action series and more rugged/expensive/reflective options are available. Ours have worked out perfectly and seems like they have quite of a bit of life left in them. I would rate them 10/10 and wouldn’t mind getting another pair if I wreck these.

The feeling of arriving at your destination without worrying about how to deal with wet gear is priceless. We never have to wait for our gear to dry. I even use mine as a windbreaker. Heck I wore mine around London and Paris on rainy days so I don’t have to worry about carrying an umbrella. Another pro is that they pack really small in the provided bags and weigh next to nothing.
From a look at the froggtoggs website, the basic Pro Action set (jacket + pants) is $50. It's under "Work" or "Fishing". The "Motorcycle" section has other models, which indeed seem to mostly have more hi-viz, and stronger materials, but are also more expensive ($80-100 or so). Sounds like the basic $50 model has held up fine for you.
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