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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
Same Suspension? First, it's non-adjustable. Then...

TR650: GC: 8.1" Seat: 34.4" Travel f/r 7.5/ 7.5" Rake: 26.5* Trail: 4.41" WB: 59.1"
TE630: GC: 11.8" Seat: 37.2" Travel f/r 10.6/12.6" Rake: 30.0* Trail: 4.58" WB: 58.5"

Capabilities: All the difference in the world! TR better for the street - TE better off-road.

And...It is a Husky Sertao!

What is 'GC'?
I did not realize there was that much difference in suspension. I just looked at the Terra forks and they looked the same.

BTW, the Terra had crappy (cheap) looking rims. I did notice that.

I'll be keeping my 630.
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