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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
Believe it or not, not all of us are in it for the "ride it there and back again" aspect...doesn't make our experience less fun or valid.

We're not all packing everything but the kitchen sink onto our bike and riding a bazillion miles
Yup. When it takes me 4 hours to get to my favorite riding area, and ive worked all day friday. Im not gonna ride my 525 to get there. Thats just fucking stupid. Im not riding across Dallas in rush hour traffic to haul ass up I-75 for two hours and then another 70 miles of the most deer infested two-lane know to man. Only to put in 80-100miles of never ending creekbed and bowling ball singletrack rocks on saturday. Then do a half day of the same sunday and ride back to DFW. I understand that you guys can ride good shit straight out of town or even your back yards; but not all of us can. Its not feasable in my neck of the woods.

Thetefore I (and my riding partners) dont have to make the compromises in "maintenance" or "streetability", or tires. Or in weight. So we ride the best bikes for the job and the plates are just a formality

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