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Originally Posted by Brown Falcon View Post
I'd totally rock a street legal 650R...

What happened to you ammo cans? Finally get fed up with breaking your racks?
Funny story about that. The Canadians and I were joking with Justin about having a yardsale in the hospital parking lot with all of his stuff....and eventually we ended up just buying a bunch of stuff from him.

I bought his Pelican cases, disk lock/alarm, head lamp, gear oil, fastener kit, and key chain! I left my ammo cans with him....hopefully he can bring them back to the states when he returns.

The Pelicans were a little cracked on the back where they had been torn off of Justin's rack during the wreck. I filled in all of the holes with JB weld, then went to the local hardware store and bought a big sheet of aluminum which I used to make a big plate to fit inside of each case and reinforce it. I then drilled through the plastic/JB weld/aluminium and attached my brackets for the outback rack. It worked like a charm!

Thanks to Justin's Pelicans, I was able to shave 22 pounds of weight off my bike! I do miss my ammo cans though. they were so cool! And I don't know what I'm going to use as a center stand now....
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