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Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
I've got a 2001 1150GS with 50,000 on it and love that bike like no other I've ever owned. It's a fabulous machine, but I must admit mine is a tad dirtier than the one you just bought . I wonder what I'd have to pay Curt to come clean mine like that??
Curt did tell me that he'd had ankle surgery and couldn't ride at all. To stay 'in contact' with the bike he sat on the small scooter seat and cleaned and cleaned and then cleaned some more.

Personally, I'm not that fastidious and I suspect that after I ride for a few miles that the bike will not be as pristine!

I had the seat recovered by a local upholsterer to add a layer of dense memory foam and a waffle-weave cover for a bit of additional grip and air flow, but otherwise the seat is fine for my skinny butt.
I'm going to try an Airhawk. My current road bike has an aftermarket seat and I'm not entirely happy. 300-ish miles and my tailbone feels like it's meeting the base of my skull. But the stock seat was only good for 50-75 miles before I was in agony. So the Airhawk before $$$ on a seat.

The one thing I saw in those photos of your new bike that would concern me are the brake lines. If it still has the original lines, you should replace them ASAP. Here's why:
WOW! I'll be checking it out soon!

Take care, I think you got a nice bike for a reasonable price, now go see if you can wear it out!

Thanks! I hope it's the bike that wears out first and not me!

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