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Originally Posted by rboett View Post
great, take some pics of the build process, and let us know the result, pleeeeeeeeze
Installed the H11 hids from the Retrofit Source today ( ) into the GSA fog lamps. Very easy install and huge increase in light output onto the road.
I thought I would have to drill the end caps out since they did not have a right angled bulb base like the stock H11 but the caps went back on with just a little pressure on the wires. The new hid H11 comes just like the H7 setup for the hid headlight replacement with the wires that feed the bulb and the trigger wires coming thru a rubber grommet.

You dont need the grommet or to have the trigger wires go thru it so just cut it off.

You will use the trigger wires with the plug that you separated from that grommet, to splice into the stock power wire that was feeding the fogs. Cut the stock fog plug off about 3" from the plug and keep it in case you ever want to go back to stock. I went to West Marine and got some nice heat shrink type butt connectors. (the red ones. I think they are for 22 gauge wire) and some 3/8" heat shrink tubing to go over the butt splices to give it a more finished look. On the stock fog lamp power wire the solid brown wire is the neutral on both sides. The other one is the 12v+. You dont need the can bus harness or even the heavy duty relay harness on the fogs. So if you buy from the Retrofit Source you might want to see how much they can knock off the price, for not including either of those.

I'm not going to go into much about where to install the ballast as thats been covered pretty good above with all the options but what I did for mine when I did the head lamps was just split some vinyl hose and put that on the cross bar under the beak to act as a little bit of cushion and zip tied the ballasts across the two tubes. Its very solid.

Head lamp ballast install here. For the fog lamp ballast I'm reusing the slim ballast I got from 1Off. Those are still on the sides behind the plastic panels.

The light from the fog lamps have a nice sharp cut off so its easy to adjust them to not blind the on coming drivers. I did about 10 miles around town tonight and did not get flashed once.

[QUOTE=dsy] I was running the 1off hids, and dont want to offend anyone who thinks those were great but I was never happy with the output of mine from day one. I contacted 1off a few times about the piss poor performance of them, but they kind of just blew me off. (It was close to the time they were folding up).Doug]/QUOTE]

Looks like the problem with the 1Offs I had was because of the bulb I got from them that I used for the low beam. It never got as bright as it should have and since 1Off was folding up they had no reason to want to help make it right. I'm pretty sure that was the problem because I re-used the 1Off slim Ballasts with the new H11 bulbs from the Source for the fog lamps and they get as bright as what I was expecting when I originally did my Hi and lo headlamps. I tried re-using the 1Off slim ballasts due to space. The slim ballast fit better in behind the plastic side panels. Will be using the new ballasts I just got to convert the fogs in my Jeep to HID.
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