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Originally Posted by MissOrganized View Post
Getting the bikes out of customs at destination: More to come on this. Schenker service gets the bike to the destination but does not provide assistance after that. I did find a guy who lives in Santiago who regularly does Boat shipping and customs to meet us at the airport and help us out. We'll post on how well that worked after it happens.
Shipping home: We're doing slow boat shipping. More to come on that after it happens.
I think that covers it. Ask any other questions if you think of them.
I hope they don't knick you too bad in Santiago at Aduana. They are famous for this, as I'm sure you read over on Horizon's Unlimited when you did your research. Can be tough getting bikes "Free", usually lots of "hidden" fees at every step ... everyone wants their cut.

It might have been a good idea to get your Chilean friend involved earlier ... before handing over money in USA ... to guarantee what fees at the Chile end would be or might be demanded. Ah well ...

That's a lot of money to invest for the 6 week trip. And you still have to get them home! Renting ain't cheap either ... but there are some cheaper options.
Chile has several good rental outfits renting F650 BMW's, Transalps and I think even XR250's or XR400's (or something like that).

Much as I love my own DR650 ... no way I'd pay $2000 to get it to Chile. Also, if you were to stay only in Argentina, then you could have maybe bought or rented a bike by contacting Javier at Dakar motors. Many travelers pass through ... many are selling or renting. CHEAP! KLR's, DR's,
BMW's. If you stay in Argentina, then this is possible. Argentina is a HUGE country ... and the North is more interesting than the South!

Anyway ... as a DR650 fan I'll be following along. All the best and hope you can get on the road quickly and without too much red tape and cash.
Hope you get a chance to explore the Southern Lake District in and around
Puerto Mont and San Martin De Los Andes.
Take your time, enjoy ... and ride safe!

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