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Followed your route

PCF, followed your route partially from Licola on. I figured well they did it loaded and with pillions it can't be that bad.
We went via Warburton, Matlock, and on to Licola, camping the first night on the Barkley river and then the next day up to Howitt hut with our destination for that night being 8 mile camping ground along the Howqua river
Well.....the run down the hill from howitt hut and along the valley with it's creek crossings was great. Had we had some more time I would not have minded camping along there somewhere. The climb up was interesting especially when you you get to the rocky bit with the hairpin turn, my mate dropped his g650gs there. Nothing serious just a low speed off. The rest of the run along there was most enjoyable.
Then we came to where Brock road intersects with the bluff track. Common sense told me take Brocks rd you idiot, but of course who listens to common sense.
On some of the other posts the bluff track was rated as ok with some rocky bits.............we went down those rocky bits with the back wheel locked most of the way, so we slid down more than rode down Now I know why they are called bash plates, my god did it take some hits on the way down.
I don't know what was on that weekend, the amount of 4WDs we saw on the bluff track. Boy there would have been less people at Flinders st station! In true aussie style most of them stopped to ask if we were ok or if we needed a hand, one thought we flaming idiots and we were going to die up there. One young guy was as high as kite and had no idea were he was The people you meet......
We are not by any means expert riders and on that last bit was perhaps a little out of our league, but we made to the 7 mile campground ( 8 mile was full, go figure) by 7.00 that night absolutely nackered but filled with a sense of achievement none the less.
Thanks for your post as they allow you to research certain areas and have some idea of what you in for. Was a good read. I think your pillions were quite brave to stick it out with you, I am sure that will be a tale they will tell in years to come around some camp fire somewhere.
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