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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
I tried to figure this out tonight but was not able to make a Shortcut directly to the Fuel Services category. Nearest I could get was to create a shortcut which switches to the Automotive Profile, and activates the Where To application. In the Where To app I had changed the order of the icons so that Fuel Services was second in the list order, so I didn't need to scroll.

The Shortcut was made into a Favorite, accessible through the Status Screen/Favorite Dashboard I get with a single Power Button push.

Not perfect, but it works.
The way it was done before v4.60 was to do the following:

Setup, Main Menu, (pick where you want it), ADD ITEM, Where To?, pick the POI category. But, they have changed the category list to the highest level so you can't get to the Fuel Services or Hospital or Food/Drink, etc. This is very disappointing. Time to write an email to the Montana Team and let them know that they didn't FIX anything by changing the level at which we could access Where To? categories for the Main Menu pages.

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