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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
After introduction to the UK, KTM got enough feedback to take the HP from 24 to 30. That ECU map should be KTM factory for all newer bikes? I hope so.

However, more than 30 hp and you should switch to a 350 EXC-F or XC-W. The steep steering geometry (23*) of the Freeride and the 2.5" shorter wheel base are like those of a Trials bike - indeed it is a Trials hybrid. It won't handle like an Enduro at higher speeds - it will be less stable.

If you want a full-on dirt bike (Enduro), buy the Enduro. The Freeride wasn't designed to do what you are talking about. Can you do it? Yes. The KTM manual even tells you how, and notes that you void the warranty when you do it. But why do it when the EXC-F / XC-W will do it better? The weight penalty of the bigger bikes is trivial, and you get a rear subframe and access to larger gas tanks in the bargin - neither of which will happen on the Freeride easily.

We now have a world-wide culture of modifying motorcycles to beyond sensible limits. In this case - don't. Buy the right KTM in the first place.
and at the price you said the freeride is selling at,add another $1700 and you can have the ktm350exc
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