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Originally Posted by rcroese View Post
If I were going to make a 6-week trip, I would definitely ship it. Anything less than a month might be a different matter. But better yet, when shipping your bike to South America, leave it there for three years or so and make multiple trips to see more of that most magnificent continent. I have made about 10 motorcycle trips in the Andes, from top to bottom and left to right, and if I go another 10 times I will still not see all of it.
You've really hit on something there! LEAVE THE BLOODY bike there ... if you can arrange it legally. They say if you eat the Calafate Berry, you will return over and over. I know I did! So much to see.

You're correct about the 6 week break even point vs. rental. That's why I suggested an inquiry at Dakar Motors. All kinds of desperate riders trying to sell off bikes there ... and elsewhere in S. America. Some will rent.
About the time their fly out date approaches ... they become very flexible on price.

I did what you suggested when touring Europe. Three trips in 5 years.
I bought a really nice used bike in the UK, rode around the EU for 6 weeks. Stored it at a friends in France (free). Returned two more times for two more major 6 week tours. Not one issue. Sold the bike back in the UK ... for 800 UKP less than I paid.
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