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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
So, with the added fuel capacity and associated weight, what springs are a good starting point to manage the new weight of the bike?
It depends what you are doing with it. I am running the stock springs right now on the front of my 08. They are .52 i think?

On dirt it is good. I like that it is a bit soft because the washboard gets smoothed out nicely. I have to be careful when blowing airtime (see pic a few posts above) because i can bottom the forks out.

My old bike had .58 from superplush on the way to alaska. I later switched to .56 to soften up the front end. It was a bit to harsh but it also didn't dive under hard breaking.

What do I like better? I have gotten quite used to the stock springs and they way they react under breaking and offroad. Thats just my .02$ though.
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