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High heels and v-stroms don't mix

One of my friend's daughters set up a surprise birthday party tonight for her mom. The country club is about 20 miles away and my truck was really low on gas so I thought, I'll take my new buddy - a v-strom 650 adventurer that I bought last weekend. Put on a pair of jeans, sequined top, shrug (ask your wife/girlfriend) a bunch of pearls and threw my heels into one of the boxes. Off we went down the freeway.

Arrived at the country club, put on the heels and threw my boots and other riding gear into the box, grabbed my purse and helmet (forgot my lock dang it) and off to the party. Everyone was told to get there 1/2 hour early so we could hide in a corner to surprise my friend. I suddenly realized that if she saw my bike in the parking lot the whole surprise would be ruined. I asked her daughter which entrance they were going to use, and it was the one right by where I parked. Uh oh, move the bike!

I walk out to the parking lot, and think, hmmmm, I'm just moving it to the other side of the lot, why change my shoes? Sling a leg over the bike, put up the stand and........noooooo!!!!!!, we start tipping to the left! I'm pushing with my leg as hard as I can, but with the heels on I just can't get quite enough oomph and over we go!!! Crap!!!!!

Now I'm laying in the parking lot in 3 inch heels, sequined top, pearls and a big black bike.


Weird thing is the first thing I think is "dang, I don't have my camera!"

Next is, "crap, I haven't tried to pick up this bike yet and I've never tried to pick up a bike this heavy, crap, crap, crap" "I am sooooo not going back into that building to find somebody to help me....."

I kicked off the heels (little short boots), so now I'm standing in the lot in my socks, back up to the bike, grab the front and back and amazingly I lift it up! Yay me!

Still have to move the bike. Sling a leg over, leave my heels laying on the asphalt (hope nobody runs them over), and ride to the other side of the lot in my socks. I find a dark spot to park in and start to push the bike backwards to park.

It's really hard to push a v-strom backwards wearing socks.

I get off, start to push it backwards and.............drop it!!!!

Okay, now I know I can pick it up. I pick up the bike, don't see any obvious damage - it's really dark, jog back across the parking lot to retrieve my shoes and head back into the club room. By this time my face and hair are a sweaty mess.....argh...... and I've never met most of these people before.....:loll

Damage, scuff on a corner of the left box and my clutch handle is curved into a very interesting shape - kind of looks like something you would have done custom on a cruiser.:loll I'll do a good look over tomorrow morning when I have more light. One slightly scraped elbow. All clothing survived, all sequins still attached.

The silver lining to this evening:
1. I now know I can pick up my new bike
2. There were no witnesses!
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