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Hi All,

I'm going to Cancun in late January on a family holiday. At most, I'll be able to get one full day away from the family to go riding/exploring on my own.
  • I wonder if people could offer any tips on:
  • Where I should hire a bike (large capacity dirt bikes/big trailies would probably be my preference)
  • I would want to be able to hire at least helmet and gloves from the hire place too, enduro boots too would be even better;
  • Things specific to the area that might catch a foreigner out (I've ridden a lot in Europe and North America, but have never ridden mid/south america. I'm talking how to avoid heat from the police, any unusual conventions at gas stations, etc.
  • Specific things to check out and routes to ride.
  • Anything else that you think I should know.

Ideally, I'd like do a bit of gentle offroading; I'm reasonably competent in the dirt, but as I'll be riding alone and likely not ATGATT, in a foreign country, with no cell/Spot would prefer not to be pushing the limits of what I am comfortable. Also, the political ramifications of ruining the in-laws' holiday by spending it in hospital would be frowned upon.



PS I speak next to no Spanish, although I can grasp some of the basics, if that makes any difference to the above.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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