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Padmei is right and its something I am getting a tad worried about cos for some reason lately my energy levels are not that good. Possibly Wifeys new shift work hours.


Keepin the snacks and water up is a very good idea because becoming dehydrated and hungry can make things go pear shaped very quickly. On the 2nd DB on the second day I left at about 7 without having brekkie , and that was after bugger all tea the night before. JC buggered off to Lawrence to get gas and because I have a big tank, chose to ride on my own. Ran out of water about lunchtime, drowned my bike not long after and spent 2 hours in the hot sun getting it going with help, then assed off heavily at Serpentine due to concentration loss, then ran off the road twice due to the same reason, also messed a few guys DBs up because of my bad planning which is the worst part. Didn't get food till about 5.30pm. Got to Fairlie just before midnight.

Lesson learned
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