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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
I reckon one thing that gets overlooked with the DB preparation is the distance training. 2x 12 hour days in the saddle is hard work mentally & physically esp if you had a hard trip down to fairlie.......
Your not wrong but this is the bit that appeals to me. You can be a hero for your mates by doing a half hour moto with the biggest wipps (or whatever the lingo is) it if you want to do something where you only really have yourself to battle, then try riding for 12-15 hours a day. Better still I reckon a Dakar is more about the rider being able to keep their head in the right space as much as the bike and their riding skills.

FYI second para on the rider prep page
Originally Posted by DB1k Rider Preparation Page
The Shoei DB1k event consists of a 1000 km sealed, gravel road and off road route. It will take you on a journey through remote sections of the South Island offering absolutely spectacular scenery, however it is important to keep in mind this is no dawdle in the park, nor even a typical trail or road ride. Riders must endure a 1000 km route that is physically and mentally draining and will require between 10 and 15 hours of riding a day depending on your riding skill. The Shoei DB1k is not intended for the faint hearted!
Originally Posted by Kokopelli View Post
I have no idea how I'll cope with those distances. .....Resting regularly is what I'll do, even if this means stringing out the ride a bit more. I found the fuel stop chart, but as much as I looked, I could not find the Latte stops, surely this was an oversight by the organiser?.....
Each to their own but hare and tortoise come to mind. Fast pace with many stops is less efficient I reckon than more regular pace with minimal stops. The route has been designed so that you might have a bit of nice crusy gravel/seal, then a tricky/challenge bit, bit more gravel, etc etc. Means you get a rest after each tricky bit so don't chuck out the anchor just cause your a little knackered, go into cruse mode when you get to the next nice bit of gravel or seal. Then again as a Norfie you might be a little distracted by the scenery and want to stop for a pic or two There are three spots with primo views of Mt Cook along the route (assuming the weather plays the game).

Re latte - I don't drink coffee at all so sorry your on your own there. I can't help even if I wanted too.

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