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Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
Using the flat tripple would make the bike higher.
Dmaster made a new stem. And isn't using a spacer under the top triple.(correct me if i'm wrong mate)
I do use a spacer but it's thin only 10mm i guess (can't remember the exact size)
I made the new stem as long as the stock DRZ stem but with the bearing sizes and spacing of the BMW bearings.

what triple tree are you planning to use?

Suspension wise this is the best i've had.
Handling wise it's not.
If i'm riding it with my "super motard" setup (110/70-17 and 130/80-17) at the time it steers well (lowering the front) it will get unstable. I've had a Showa UDS fork with KTM triple tree, this setup was way better (at handeling, but the fork was .)
With my offroad setup (90/90-21 and 110/100-18) its steers ok, but is unstable. I've compared it with a stock R65GS and its way better, but the suspension sucks

Much ground clearance isn't a holy grail IMO.
At times i got stuck i saw lightweight enduro's all around me get stuck......
Using your brains before riding into a puddle of mud will help more
And if I topple over because I can't get my feet to the ground what did I actually win?

And i always wondered, why a huge HPN tank? The stock PD is big enough right?
Where are you going if you really need all that gas?
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