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Originally Posted by disston View Post
He said the "needle jet" fell out. The "jet needle" is held in place by a clip. Notice in the former it is a "jet" the modifier being needle so it's not confused with the main jet. And in the later it is a needle the modifier being jet so it is not confused with the "float needle" or something else.

The atomizer and the needle jet are held in place by the venturi. Sometimes the atomizer will fall out and sometimes it is stuck because it is bent. They are very thin.
Ahh, well spotted. I musta read it too quick
The needle jet and the atomiser falling out isn't a problem to be concerned about, and if the atomiser didn't fall out but the nj did, it still wouldn't matter. Gravity rules, but the atomiser might get "stuck" in it's hole but easily dislodged regardless. Here's how they line up, mit o-ring, in my BINGS 11/1981 RS.
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