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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
I have thoughts of building up an Expedition bike using my paralever GS and converting it into a longer travel monolever.For 2up riding long travel is needed as you cant stand in the rough stuff so the suspension must soak up everything. Another reason for a long swingarm is with 2uo it moves the weight behind the rear wheel forward. ( I would like to try a longer swingarm in my DR to see if would help stability and steep climbs) The Paralever is maxed out at 190mm of travel. The 1100/1150 Paralevers can be grafted in but the monolever i think is simpler and tougher, and probably lighter ? I think 250mm of Travel would be good. More may be better but the seat height may become a problem. I'm only 5'10" My DR650 with DRZ front and rear running minimal sag before luggage has me on tip toes. You mentioned wanting a clamp with more offset for the DRZ front. I have not ridden an Airhead with small offset clamps and am interested in your thoughts on the handling between the two ?
Cheers Phil

Keeping a low seat height and gaining more travel is tricky.
If you would like to do so you might end up with travel that can not be used, because the sump and center stand will be touching the ground.
I totally see that creating the longer wheel base would give more room to keep the weight off the luggage between the wheels and not behind the rear axle.(specially with 2 up)

On the Sibirsky trip I started with the luggage right above the rear axle. At the end of the trip it was all moved forwards.
Until it was almost touching my heels. With every cm I moved it forward (and down) the handling improved A LOT !!!!

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