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Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
I know I'm not a Western NC person, but I have met one of you and hope to ride with you guys sometime in the future. I rode my new to me DR for the first time today and I had to post somewhere.

say hello, if you are around and we'll show you some good roads

Observations are:
  • I think I'll get the 14 tooth sprocket. do that - it's still fine on the road and way better in the dirt
    The lowering was successful, but my mounting and dismounting is still an ugly sight. you get used to it
    That engine makes a lot of washing machine sounds. (add to worry list) it is a washinig machine - so your question is?
    I like the light weight (as compared to the Nighthawk) and she handles fine. that's what I thought - till I got the 400...

Originally Posted by mark1305 View Post
I like that high tech gazebo from the satellite dish.
Madsion County folks...

gotta run, bikes are loaded
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