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Have had progressive for several years and have used the claim service a few times.....myself and son

Have had 2 bikes totaled, along with gear needing to be replaced. In the case of my son...

97 GPZ1100 over a hill in SE Ohio, resulted in broken collarbone for him, totaled bike, cut off jacket, damaged helmet. They covered bike for MORE than he paid for it, covered his Muzzy full exhaust and Corbin seat at full RETAIL, also paid out more than enough to replace his helmet and jacket ( 2 year old stuff ) with upgraded new other words, he made out like a bandit. We didnt even have to say anything to them about those parts, the inspector/adjuster noticed them....i actually had forgotten he had them on the bike. Claim was covered without question, fully and fairly within a week even though the accident occurred a couple of hundred miles from where we live. BTW, bike and gear was his, but titled, licensed, and insured in MY name because of his age at time...20.

In my case....

2001 Kawaski Zr7-s oil in road resulting in low side. Cosmetic damage only (rode it home), but because of age of bike and limited production they totaled the bike. My suit was undamaged, but my 5 year old Arai was beat up pretty bad, so they replaced it....again at full RETAIL. Bike was covered for MORE than I paid for it.

I do NOT have road side assistance though them, because I have it through Kawasaki, but it is avaliable for just a small fee, don't know how well it works from either, but gives me some peace of mind to carry it.

I HAVE thought about checking other companies for coverage rates, but then I remember now well they have handled claims, and how good the customer service has always been, and I have never followed up and actually checked.
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