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Originally Posted by huzar View Post
So rather suddenly I find myself looking at the prospect of shipping my '08 610 to South America. I would be looking at a two month trip.

The bike currently has ~6500 miles on her. Tasky's did the 5K mile service, then the bike (but not me ) ran the WABDR, then I did the oil/filter. The CCT was at 7 clicks when Tasky's checked it.

Is there anything I should be preparing for, repair or maintenance-wise? I'm looking at 10k miles tops for the trip. I have at most 3 weeks to get anything else done (I did say this is short notice)

I'm running a LiON battery, so the battery tray shoud not crack. I have Dirtbagz Rangers, so the rear subframe should be good. The suspension has just been redone. Overall, the bike is ready to ride.

Also, short of installing a Rekluse clutch, anything that can be done to reduce the huge clutch pull ln that thing?
Someone makes a steel disk that epoxy adheres to the left engine cover, and protects our from farting punctured by the shifter. Soon as I find one I'm ordering. Also going back to garage to finish brake-in on Rekluse.
Currently C200L4, C150M3, WR250 throw-out spacer, 6TC balls and 21 ss balls. Engagement seems be 2100, so lots of tweaking left. All details will be posted here and in Clutch is so light I didn't think it was working API I installed that wr250 spacer. Probably not needed. More later. Oh nothing works until you adjust clutch lever pull at 4500+ rpm.
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