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" truck was really low on gas so I thought, I'll take my new buddy - a v-strom 650 adventurer ..."

"Weird thing is the first thing I think is "dang, I don't have my camera!"

You are a rare woman indeed, with a truck and a motorcycle! What an outstanding ADVrider spirit! I'm glad you were able to get the bike back up (twice) without injuring yourself; the right technique and a splash of adrenaline works every time, but I have to say I've never tried it in socks before. This is the same spirit that endears me to my wife - she's adventurous and self-sufficient but still 100% woman. I was impressed when I learned that she and her sister built an addition on her house by themselves and neither had any experience doing stuff like that. But I really fell for her when I learned that she owns a chainsaw and knows how to use it to cut and haul her own firewood. She's a tiny lady and one of the toughest people I know.

I got a taste of the classic "oh shite" moment when getting off my fully loaded BMW RT one day after a very long ride home; I was in my own driveway, decided I didn't need to put the bike on the sidestand before going up on the centerstand, so promptly dropped it to the right as I got off. Like you said, there's that point of no return when you realize there's nothing you can do and just have to let it go. Adrenaline rush, run around, pick it up (like your technique), and promptly dump it to the left because I forgot to put the sidestand down. Again. Twice in 30 seconds... First thought was "where's the camera? Oh yeah, in the saddle bag lying on the ground." Then, "Did anyone see this???!?" Nope, safe. Lesson learned. Got a scuff or two on the saddle bags but nothing else.

Glad you're OK, hope the bike is fine (just some "character", like smile wrinkles), and hope you enjoy riding the wheels off the thing!

"If it doesn't blow smoke and make noise, it isn't a sport!" - radio ad for shop in Bozeman, MT
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