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Originally Posted by motog View Post
I've always done both carbs at the same time.
unless you've done so many carbs you've lost count (500+ for me) .... do ONE carb at a time. take lots of digital pic's to help during reassembly.

before taking any adjustable part out. make note of original position. lightly bottom any mixture screw taking note number of turns. this will allow returning carb back to original settings and help in trouble shooting.

a spray can of Berryman Chemtool with a long nozzle is your friend. carbs have all sorts of tiny openings, orifices, internal passages, etc. goal is to make dead certain each and everyone of them are open and clear. even if you've got access to some nasty carb dip and soaked parts. with glasses on, spray each and every opening to test. if spray comes out other side, you've got proof positive sign orifice/passage is clear. use real carb cleaner to do this with. carb cleaner is formulated specifically to desolve carb gunk.

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