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Spent the day in Antigua wandering around people watching. This place is reminiscent of San Cristobal de las Casas up in Mexico only with wider cobblestoned streets:

I haven't figured out what festival is going on today. Lots of costumes:

and major amounts of fireworks and M-80s going off. Plus some interesting firecrackers that sound a lot like .45 automatic gunfire. Walked over to lunch with ratbikemike and he wasn't getting used to it. I was never in the service so fireworks don't have the same effect on me.

Here is the guesthouse I'm staying at:

Here is what 70 quetzales gets you in Antigua:

Bunk in a room. It is the off season so only two other euro backpackers and me last night. The manager said the tourist high season is Jan.-March. They have a weekly rate of 700 quetzales ($91.00) including 3 meals a day. So you could live here on social security.

Speaking of living on social security, that is exactly what ratbikemike is doing. I had never thought of being a motorcycle vagabond through my social security years. Nowadays, with the internet and automatic deposits it would be easy to withdraw funds from ATMs around the world. Hmmmmm. Something to think about. I'll be 62 in a couple years.

The cheap food in this town is over where the gringos don't go at the mercado on the other side of town. Little hole in the wall place next to the zapateria (shoe store):

Although there are also plenty of coffee shops that serve excellent cappuccino:

Soon it was dark and time for a stroll through the zocalo where everything was lit up and the party was starting. I think the constant fireworks had something to do with scaring the devil away so the Virgin Mary can emerge tomorrow, but don't quote me. i'm weak on Latin American Catholicism:

I spent exactly 100 quetzals ($13) on food and lodging.

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