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WOW! I'll be checking it out soon!

Yeah, that was a real shocker for me. I've put around 100,000 miles on three different BMWs and have done all the service and (minimal) repair myself, so I keep pretty close tabs on things like that. I'd never had a single issue with the brakes before they locked up on the ride home one day.

Don't be intimidated about doing service work on your GS, it truly is one of the easiest bikes to maintain that I've ever owned. If I ever blew out the gearbox or something deep inside the engine I'd probably take it to a mechanic, but more for time constraints than anything else. Here are a couple of links to some service threads I've done over the years, if you're interested.

Crown seal replacement:

Tire change and balance:

I did one of the fuel filter replacement too, but can't find it now. It's not hard, though, just a bit tricky the first time you remove the gas tank (tip: run it "dry" first, then understand that it isn't empty yet!).

Ride, ride, ride! Woooot!

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