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You will probably be ok, ?
But the theories I have read by oil lube specialist say imagine a micro needle like object that could pass through the smaller micron metal mesh screen, logic says that if will also thru the larger micron paper element, but in practice the paper types have may micro hairs both sides of there flat surface which have much greater chance of trapping these particles, this is what has been analyzed via microscopes.
There are many opinions out there, but also I along with many others only run diesel HD truck oil Chevron Delo 400 / Shell Rotella 15w/40 (and there equivalents if it states approved by Cummins Cat Detroit) + paper elements filters in everything ; bikes - cars - trucks.
Modern oils are compromised race oils make more BHP but don't last long Motul etc and nearly all the syn's are compromised not to contaminate Cat's provide improved fuel efficiency etc etc.
Truck oils are the only oils tested to 1 million miles they work by keeping carbon - sludge - fuel - & metal particles separated not allowing these items to join up, among many other attributes.
Well i've said way too much here, i'm sure I will upset many people but just google it you will be surprised how many people on many different motor forums follow this philosophy, I'll trade a little less bhp in exchange for increased engine life.

Just do oil analysis now for couple oil changes then again after the switch proof is in the testing, any fleet truck place can do this for you until you leave the westernized part of the world.

Good luck.
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