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Originally Posted by nbrooks View Post
I thought it was quite entertaining for someone to assume I photoshopped the filter, just did not anticipate that one. What would be in that for me? Besides I am not that good with a computer. I came up with an idea due to lack of an aftermarket filter, I tried it, and then shared my results. That's what forums are for. I may be a Noob to this site, but I have had Motorcycles and ATVs for the the past 25 yrs. I always find myself taking things appart to see how they work or to "improve" them . Sometimes it works in my favor and sometimes I end up creating a lot more work for myself. I have put 1000 miles on my CRF in the last two months, mostly riding in the desert of Utah and Arizona. I have really enjoyed the bike and the mods I have made have really opened the bike up. FYI the bulk foam from Uni was about $12 and came with enough foam to cover this filter area about four times, so plenty.
Good work and well said above.

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