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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
Mine is slightly off level but the total thickness ranges from 15.85mm to 16.5mm

Wonder if that is close to yours.

Just read that RBRacing recommends using an 1150 spring instead of an 1100 as it's 2.00mm instead of the 1100's 1.75mm

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Don't know if I'd believe any of the BS coming out of RBRacing..... Well maybe for some tips but DON'T try to buy parts from them,they may not even exist yet.

That one I have here is 15.6 so no comparisons there. But add them lost millimiters from parts wear...cable stretch etc...etc...may all add up to more than the adjustments can take. My old GS I could even see the actuating arm bend when applying the clutch, had to reinforce that.

Got to wonder now if I could put it on the larger scale I just bought and see what it takes to compress it.May overload the 300lbs scale. Shop should be warm(er) by now.

I'd replace that spring anyway,"off-level" is not that good that would introduce clutch chattering and uneven wear in the long term. Had to go back in my old GS just for that reason so now won't take any chances, clutch work= new spring. Got to be a reason why that lining got cooked to that point and that would create lots of heat, more than enough to weaken them springs.Doesn't take all that much heat to remove temper on spring steel, off the top of my head 650F is MAX for most of them.

Interested in that anyway,reminds me of my youth dropping clutches & brakes at Asbestonos(?) in Quebec City and the smell in that shop. My K will probably need clutch work at 100,000 miles if I judge from my measurements at 20,000. I know that some have had theirs relined with success on the Ks, short term as "it works" but I haven't seen any long term reports.
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