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Davo's Chop House

A review of Davo's Chop House, located somewhere in Roanoke Va.
Parking lot was very small, but only a couple of cars there

Space for motorcycle parking.

There is an outdoor dining area.

There is 24 hour a day security.

Seating area was small also, but cozy.

A little close to the bathroom.

WiFi was available.

Access to the television controls.

A peep around the corner reveals a formal seating area.

The wait staff was super attentive. She never left my side the entire time I was there.
If allowed, I am sure she would have followed me to the bathroom.

There was no menu. You get what you get at this place. Today was chopped BBQ

The pork was chopped and not long off the smoker. Lots of flavor, slightly smokey, very tender and moist.
Among the very best I have ever had.

The sauce was also very good, served on the side. Best described a Kansas City style, with tomato and vinegar flavors, chopped onion, and a hint of molasses.

The mac and cheese was also fantastic, obviously baked with a variety of cheeses, and minced jalapeno peppers.

The slaw was only so so, and I strongly suspect was store bought.
Al in all, a great place to eat, and I will be dining there again for sure!
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