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Originally Posted by boxerboy81 View Post
Ahh, well spotted. I musta read it too quick
The needle jet and the atomiser falling out isn't a problem to be concerned about, and if the atomiser didn't fall out but the nj did, it still wouldn't matter. Gravity rules, but the atomiser might get "stuck" in it's hole but easily dislodged regardless. Here's how they line up, mit o-ring, in my BINGS 11/1981 RS.
Thanks that is just what it looks like, It is the second part from the left that dropped out the needle jet. I also have just read in the Hanes book that they also talk about it dropping out. All O rings are in good condition. I am in any case going to order a new kit that most properly will that about two weeks to get here in this part of the world.

I need to satisfy myself that it's this carb giving problems. I thing I will clean it again and re-fit the carb get it warm, close down the idle on the right carb and raise the idling on the left and try the mixture adjustment again. Thanks
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