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Originally Posted by Global Rider View Post
Wow, 18 pages of battery talk.

This ain't rocket science. All you need is a good vehicle charging system and if not a daily driver, a good battery charger, both which can be easily verified. Note, don't believe manufacturer's claims. I've done enough testing in the lab to know the majority of the claims are pure BS.

Best battery for vehicle use taking cost into account? Well I am seeing 16 years+ out of a plain old flooded lead acid battery that has to tolerate sub zero demands. That is tough to beat and to boot, that type of battery is far less sensitive to charging methods. I don't waste my time with AGM, GEL, etc simply because vehicles don't need what they have to offer. End of story!
wet lead/acid had it's time ... for motorcycle batteries cost for AGM has come down very close to wet.

AGM for Adv bikes has the advantage of not spilling when your bike does go down. don't know of very many folks who has not dropped their adv bike at some point. that is if one goes off road any at all.

another huge advantage is very low self discharge. NO battery tender is needed providing you don't have parasitic drain. vs wet PB self discharges at a substantial rate. let any battery go down too far it may not come back up. this goes double for lead acid, which sulfates pretty quick.

Originally Posted by Global Rider View Post
That explains why I'm not getting calls from them regarding 6T batteries.

Government grants? Don't get me going. How to pi$$ away a bunch of money into the pockets of a few using my tax dollars.
apologies for the rant .. as this is suppose to be a technical thread...

what a total crock of shit! technologies paid by US tax payer $$$ is falling into hands of other countries. not to mention another 120+ million US tax payer dollars in funding already approved.

sure hope this deal gets blocked!
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