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Bruneau canyon and beyond..

road was graded gravel, WTF, thought this was going to be a technical section...

found this air force radar station a few miles down the graded road, which explained the road improvements. Apparently to keep track of pilots in training, this was located south of the Saylor Creek Aerial Gunnery Range.

this is more what we were picturing...

after 10 or so miles of pan heads, the amazing Bruneau canyon came into view

looking back up after descending the east canyon. The top section had a few small steps, but nothing to crazy

I've seen this old 50s(?) truck in a few other RRs. This was a one-way trip for this ol'working gal. Noticed a winch setup in the back of the bed, most likely used to deliver/receive materials from the river floor, someone simply trying to scratch out a living

the river bottom coming into view, recall reading about a hot springs...need to check it out

thankfully, bridge was still structurally intact

steam was raising from a small stream flowing into the Bruneau river. Looked hot and inviting, hard to see in upper right of this pic. Great place to camp but it was still too early in the day to settle down...too bad

after a brief stop with no shade, got going again and started ascending the west canyon. Tom went first...

up and up, keep it going, momentum is your friend, then a 90 degree switch back picture left towards top of wall. Trick here is keep the throttle pinned but steady...Grade doesn't come thru in the pics. Much bigger steps on this side towards the top of the rim. Reviewing my track history it indicated the ascent was around 15% grade and 19% on the descent, seemed like a lot more.

Luckily, we both kept our momentum going and got over the last big steps without a problem. Sorry no pics, both of us were in stay upright survival mode...After a good workout and on top of the rim, we stopped for a snack break and to cool off using one of the old building walls for shade.

Next up Owyhee...

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