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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
I see a thread like this and always wonder why someone who would go to all the effort to change their forks would pick a 20 yr. old design for a replacement. May I suggest to anyone else doing this that USD MX forks are plentiful on the used market and already come with very stiff springs for MX jumps. They can be altered internally for length or travel ala flattrackers. Why not use those? DRZ forks are notorious for their many "needs".
USD's are also notorious for blowing forks seals way more often than conventionals. If you really look around at people using their DS bike for true off road traveling, the forks are the first to go. Either they go after market, or backwards. Manufactures are noticing the starbucks adventure bike trend and cutting corners in the suspension department, so the 20 year old design is actually better than some of the forks on modern DS bikes.
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