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Hey Dr. Greg,

Somehow I missed this when you were writing it, but at least this way I got to read it all in one sitting.

Originally Posted by Dr. Greg View Post

3. Gonna Ride the Triumph Explorer 1200 Tomorrow! After months of expectation, I'm gonna test-ride the Triumph Explorer 1200 tomorrow (I think). Two things I like about the TEX are (1) Cruise Control, and (2) Shaft Drive. One thing I DON'T like about it is MORE WEIGHT (Duc is 520 wet on my scale; TEX is 50 lb more?) Also the "length" of the bike (I'll see what that's like when riding). The real test is turning it around in my garage...if I feel my ride test is noteworthy enough I'll post my opinions in this thread (if anybody's interested).
I'd like to hear your thoughts about the Explorer.
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