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Originally Posted by chasssmash View Post
I am thinking of upgrading my fleet and adding a Vespa,specifically the S150ie.

I have 2 questions- are they a reliable scooter and secondly can you get them discounted from dealers new.

They are largely reliable, and even more "durable" given the proper care and maintenance.

When they DO break down, parts availability can and does prove to be their Achilles heel here in North America. Some dealer have reportedly dropped the brand for poor support. Depends on your location how strong or entrenched in the product line your local or favorite dealer is and how likely they are to be there when you need them later.

Vespas are the priciest scooters by category around, thats not to say it still isnt a buyers market, but the dealers dont make much on them and frankly Im all for keeping my dealer in business, and thinking of me as a "good" customer. Not a stupid or gullible one, but one that doesnt strive to deny them of a fair operating profit.

Your best bet if you are that price conscious is to look for a used one, thats gonna get you past the substantial initial depreciation, and typically a low mileage specimen. Craigslist typically has plenty of them.

Good luck and have fun.
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